The perfect yard decoration.

Custom engraved stone signs from Rockitecture are a great addition to your front yard, or to give as a gift for someone else's yard.

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  • Each stone is deeply engraved by one of our skilled craftsmen using a sandblasting process.

  • A stone-specific monument paint is used to add contrast to the engraving.

  • An industry-leading sealer is applied to protect the stone from the elements.


Small (Approx. 14” x 14”)-$150
Medium (Approx. 17” x 17”)-$235
Large (Approx. 20” x 20”)-$285
XL (Approx. 24” x 24”)-$350
2XL (Approx. 28” x 28”)-$450
3XL (Approx. 31” x 31”)-$550
4XL (Approx. 34” x 34”)-$650

*Larger sizes are available. CONTACT US for more information. Pricing includes a sample design, the stone, engraving, painting and sealing. Additional charges may apply for additional sample designs, custom graphics, multi-colored painting or delivery of the stone. See our ordering process page HERE for more information.

$150 - $200 per square foot

*Square foot price is based on the front face of the stone, and includes:  the stone, engraving, painting and sealing.  Rates may vary based on several factors, including, but not limited to: the amount of detail being engraved, the number of colors and graphic design time.

Gift cards are available in our store, or electronic gift cards can be purchased online by clicking HERE.


Address Stones

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