About Us

Located close to the capital city of Boise, Idaho, Rockitecture has been providing custom stone engraving to the Treasure Valley and across the United States and Canada for over 12 years.  The company was founded by a few family members, and is still a family-owned business.

One of the unique features of Rockitecture is that the company has licensing agreements with three different companies that manage the licensing programs for most of the NCAA universities.  This allows Rockitecture to legally manufacture engraved stones (FanRocks) with team logos on them.  Click HERE to see the list of the teams for which we are currently licensed.

In addition to the FanRocks, Rockitecture offers many other services, some of which include:

  • Sandblasting - We prefer to do this at our shop, but on a rare occasion we will provide sandblasting for signage at the job site. Please contact us before purchasing and placing a stone at your site so we can provide feedback about the types of stone that work best, and preferably have the stone at our shop to engrave before setting it. We also stock stone at our shop that works well for engraving if you don't have access to stone.

  • Core Drilling - Rockitecture can drill many different types of stones to be used in water features. We stock some stone here, or you can bring your own stone to us.

  • Metal Plaques - As an authorized dealer for Gemini, Inc. we can provide bronze and aluminum plaques with a lifetime guarantee. The plaques can either be inset into various types of stones, or other mounting options are available.