Solid.  Long-Lasting.  Natural.

Rockitecture provides large entrances signs for subdivisions and businesses all over the United States.  These durable stone signs are meant to withstand the elements in all different kinds of climates.  The stones can weigh as little as 1,000 pounds, and we have access to stones as large as 40,000 pounds from the sandstone quarry we work with in the Treasure Valley.

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  • Each stone is deeply engraved by one of our skilled craftsmen.

  • A stone-specific monument paint is used to add contrast to the engraving.

  • An industry-leading sealer is applied to protect the stone from the elements.


Approx. $115 per square foot

$150 - $200 per square foot

*Square foot price is based on the front face of the stone, and includes:  the stone, engraving, painting and sealing.  Rates may vary based on several factors, including, but not limited to: the amount of detail being engraved, the number of colors and graphic design time.

How to Order

  1. Call, CONTACT US or visit our showroom to discuss your project with a Rockitecture representative.

  2. Choose a type stone. We typically use sandstone or granite that is quarried locally in Idaho. The sandstone can be easily cut to the shape and dimensions required for your project, so it is not always necessary to pick the exact piece of stone before we do a mockup.

  3. Our designer will provide you with a proof either through email or in our store.

  4. Approve your design or request changes through our online system.

  5. Once the design is approved the stone goes into production. Sit back and relax while our experienced engravers produce your custom sign.

  6. After about two to three weeks, you will receive a call that your stone has been completed. At this point you can either pick up your stone or schedule delivery. Rockitecture can deliver and place your stone anywhere in the Treasure Valley, or use one of our LTL carriers to ship it out of the area for you to place it. Local deliveries usually cost around $300-$500 for a 1,000-10,000 pound stone. Deliveries for larger stones are quoted on a case by case basis.

School Signs

Nobody seems to know 100% for sure how the Egyptians moved large stones, but here is how Rockitecture moves a 45,000 pound stone. We do signage all over the country. This massive piece is going to North Dakota for a subdivision entrance.

Business Signs

Apartment Complex Signs

Subdivision Signs

Church Signs